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LP International 1/2021 (epaper)
  • LP International 1/2021 (epaper)

LP International 1/2021 (epaper)

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LP - that is the world of analogue music reproduction. Records and turntables are an expression of a special kind of attitude towards life; an analogous experience, precisely that kind of feeling that corresponds to the human being since the beginning of time. The basis of the content is the record with its entire environment: amplifiers, loudspeakers and accessories are indispensable for an analogue experience. A detailed presentation of current equipment and classics from the past is accompanied by essays, service articles and record reviews. Authenticity and individuality characterize this unique magazine for this branch of music production.

digital issue (pdf) in english


LP International 1/2021

  • Thorens TD 124 DD A Thorens Classic, Reinvented
  • Skyanalog G-1, G-2, G-3 Three New MCs - A Fresh Breeze From China
  • Fink Team Kim Two-way Loudspeakers Done Right
  • Gold Note PH-1000 The Computer Phono Preamplifier
  • Silvercore The Collerctor‘s Edition Every Tube Collector‘s Dream