Music and Audio (Buch & BluRay Disc)
  • Music and Audio (Buch & BluRay Disc)
  • Music and Audio (Buch & BluRay Disc)
  • Music and Audio (Buch & BluRay Disc)
  • Music and Audio (Buch & BluRay Disc)

MUSIC AND AUDIO (Buch & BluRay with HD music & test signals)

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"Music and Audio" - A User Guide To Better Sound

by Mark „Dr. AIX“ Waldrep

Printed book incl. demo HD music Blu-ray plus test signals

Original version in English.



Author Mark Waldrep: "As a musician, composer, recording engineer, and producer of high-res audio, I know what good sound is, and I know how to produce fantastic-sounding recordings (the Blu-ray disc that accompanies this book includes some of the best-sounding tracks ever). And I know what you need in terms of hardware and software to take your audio experience to the next level.":


- About High-End Audio: An authoritative resource for music lovers seeking accurate and unbiased information to maximize their audio experience.

- Fundamentals of Music: Dr. Waldrep has taught music theory and composition at universities for decades. Improve your understanding of music!

- Music Reproduction Fundamentals: Learn the basic principles of analog and digital music reproduction. What roles do phase, filter, distance, and acoustics play in sound? From microphones to speakers - it's all in here!

- Music Production: Mark "Dr. AIX" Waldrep has spent most of his life in studios and mastering hundreds of albums of all genres. Learn from the professional how albums are produced!

- Music Formats: Discover and compare audio formats, from analog tape, vinyl, SACD, DVD-Audio, Blu-ray, and high-res audio files. What are PCM, DSD, FLAC, and MQA?

- System Components: Several chapters on players, preamps and power amplifiers, streamers, servers, speakers, and cables provide valuable information on making purchasing decisions and how much each component should cost in relation.

- Improve Your Sound: Learn simple, effective, and inexpensive ways to improve the sound of your system and listening room dramatically!

- 300 Illustrations: The wide variety of illustrations show in a very comprehensible way how analog concepts and digital formats work, how microphones work, how the signal flows, how the mastering process works, and much more.


880 pages
300 illustrations
Demo-Tracks: 12 tracks in high resolution, comparisons, and test tones

First publication date: January 2018
Available in English 


  1. About the Blu-ray Demo Disc

  2. Introduction

  3. What is fidelity?

  4. What is high-end audio?

  5. Basics of music

  6. Sound basics

  7. PCM

  8. DSD

  9. Music production techniques

  10. Music formats: From MP3 to MQA

  11. Origins, definitions, and more

  12. Acoustics, room, and speaker placement

  13. Source components

  14. Preamplifiers, AV receivers, and amplifiers

  15. Speakers and headphones

  16. Connecting everything: Cables

  17. Multi-channel audio

  18. MQA: A solution - but for what?

  19. Tips, tricks, and scams

  20. Meet the experts

Blu-ray Disc-Content:

  1. 12 High-Res-Tracks
  2. Mastering-Demos
  3. Comparison of music formats
  4. Stereo vs. 5.1 surround mixes
  5. Calibration- & Testtones


  1. John Gorka - Let Them In
  2. Hanna/McEuen - Is It Only Me
  3. Dave Mason - We Just Disagree
  4. Alana Davis & Ernest Ranglin - My Boy Lollipop
  5. Steve March Tormé - Lulu's Back In Town
  6. The Latin Jazz Trio - Mujaka
  7. James Walker and Free Flight - All The Things You Are
  8. Laurence Juber - Guitar Noir
  9. Chamber Music Palisades - Shastakovich - Piano Quintet Op. 57/Movement
  10. Zephyr: Voices Unbound - It Was A Lover And His Lass
  11. C. Mandeal - G. Enescu Phil. - Mozart - Overture To The Marriage Of Figaro
  12. C. Mandeal - G. Enescu Phil. - Stravinski - The Firebird Suite/Finale
  13. JMK - Prophet

Test tones:

Channel test: stereo and 5.1/7.1 surround.
Want to find out if all speakers are connected correctly? Just use the test tones on this disc. They are available in High-res PCM, Dolby TruHD, and DTS HD Master Audio.

Speaker Balance Test: test tones to find out if the balance of your speakers is correct.
It is essential that the volume of all your speakers is identical. These tones help you check stereo and multi-channel setups for this.

Speaker Phase Test: Are your speakers connected in the correct phase?
Here you will find in-phase and out-of-phase tones. This will help you make sure there are no phase shifts in your setup.

Frequency Response Test: Use these rising tones to check your entire system.

Testimonials about the Book:

"The Gold Standard" - Michael Kaufmann - Customer/Audiophile

"Mark Waldrep knows What He's Doing" - Andrew Quint - The absolute Sound

"It is positively outstanding!" - Carlo Lo Roso - Secrets of Home Theater and HiFi

"The book is amazing. Good Work. You've created what I now consider the "bible" of audio" - Zach Schwartz - Customer