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Complete collection of sound test, bass, and soundcheck CDs compiled to test every possible sonic aspect of your system. The set of 5 CDs is the ultimate collection for every HiFi lover, regardless if at home or on the road!


Listening test CDs: Set of 5 

Anyone who has purchased a new sound system knows this: you want to sound out the capabilities of the new pride and joy in the living room, listening room, or car to the extreme. But: Which CD is best suited for this? Hardly any standard music recording offers that kind of spatiality, high-frequency resolution, or absolute ultra-low bass. That's why we've put together a comprehensive collection of sound test, bass, and sound check CDs for you to test every possible sonic aspect of your system. We now offer this package as a set at a special price. The listening test CDs are from the last runs of each, so they will no longer be available after this batch has sold out. Available while stocks last.

Nightmare on Bass Street
The cover of the "Nightmare on Bass Street" CD is unmistakably embellished with a bright red sticker warning of the subsonic frequencies contained on the CD: "The price of this CD does not include new subwoofers!" What sounds funny is quite severe. The most profound, most drawn-out bass on both editions, recorded in 1993 by Bill Okon a.k.a. DJ Billy E, packs a punch and poses more significant challenges to amps and woofers alike. Musically, the CD wanders in the realm of dubstep, hip hop, and bass music. And please: Heed the warning!
Nightmare on Bass Street II
After the success of the first Nightmare on Bass Street CD, it was only logical that Bill Okon would put out a new edition following the tried and true pattern. And Nightmare on Bass Street II indeed goes one better: Already at the first track, you have to wonder how so much low-frequency energy fits on one CD... Black music with a tendency to electronic prevails here as well – "War Against the Machines" pulls frequencies down to the nominally achievable 20 Hz. By the way, the name of the label fits it quite well: The disc was released on "IBP (Innovative Bass Productions).

Dr. Boom – Bass Eliminator II
The name says it all: Dr. Boom's Bass Eliminator II from the Bassmo Bill Records label delivers boombastic bass for your woofers! "Amplifier Love", "Bass Destruction", and "Speaker Killer" are no hollow phrases but to be understood as a serious warning. The production of Michael E. Brieden Verlag in cooperation with the renowned producer Sascha Radevic is a bass killer. We have warned you!

Car & HiFi / Drive & Sound – Die offizielle Test-CD
A collection of sonically outstanding and musically relevant tracks, with which especially the dynamic capability of car hi-fi systems can be tested, can be found on "Drive & Sound". The CD developed as a cooperation of the Michael E. Brieden publishing house and the Interest Federation Drive & sound. It was produced by Car&HiFi magazine. Twenty-one tracks ranging from the Contemporary Jazz of "Flim & The BBs" to the "Danse Macabre" (with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra) to measurement test pieces like pink noise and sweeps from 20 to 20,000 Hz can be found here - indispensable also for the home stereo system!   

Sound of Nature Quite different from the bass inferno à la Nightmare on Bass Street is "Sounds of Nature". Here you get what is most challenging to achieve for any stereo system: Naturalness. On 15 tracks and with over an hour of playing time, you will discover rain, thunderstorms, birdsong, frogs, and swarms of bees up close. Captured with the best microphone technology and stored in Circle Surround, Sound of Nature invites you to an almost meditative journey of discovery through early morning in the Brinjahe State Forest in Schleswig-Holstein and nature within. And the best thing is: Thanks to Circle Surround Sound, you're sitting right in the middle of it!