HEIMKINO Referenztest DVD inkl. Brille
  • HEIMKINO Referenztest DVD inkl. Brille


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Whether it's an inexpensive entry-level system or expensive reference equipment - every home cinema system is only worth half as much without the right settings. With the HEIMKINO reference test DVD, which is also used in the test editorships of HEIMKINO and HIFI TEST, you optimize your complete plant in the twinkling of an eye and get the maximum out of it. Or do you have money to give away?


Optimize your picture:

- Brightness and contrast
- Color saturation (with special glasses)
- Sharpness and resolution
- Color temperature, gamma etc.

Optimize your sound:

- Delay adjustment
- bass management
- Level and distance
- Phase test / polarity reversal test

Better picture and sound enjoyment with the HEIMKINO reference test DVD

The home cinema editors agree: "Twofold TV image improvement“

Duisburg, October 2010: 
Enjoying TV and movies in perfection - both in sound and picture - that delivers the ultimate kick. However, not all TVs and systems are so perfectly tuned that they guarantee this kind of movie and audio enjoyment. It doesn't have to stay that way, because the HEIMKINO reference test DVD ensures that the quality gain can be realized within your own four walls and that the movie night becomes a true feast for the eyes and ears! This test DVD improves the factory settings. Compared to a car by two times the number of horsepower. Thus, even your good and practical station wagon becomes a rocket.

The HEIMKINO reference test DVD was developed by the test editorial staff of the magazine HEIMKINO. With the easy menu guidance and the enclosed booklet one comes fast to the goal. It's clear that the editors of the trade magazine also work with this DVD in their everyday editorial work.

What the HEIMKINO test DVD can do

"If you simply use your flat TV in the factory settings, you give away the potential of your TV in most cases," emphasizes Olaf Adam, editor-in-chief of HEIMKINO. "After you have optimized the most important settings with the HEIMKINO reference test DVD, you will think you have a new TV in front of you that costs twice as much. There's a reason why we in the editorial department optimally adjust all TVs before the test."

Also from the readers of the HEIMKINO magazine much praise arrived after acquisition of the DVD by post office or E-Mail in the editorship: ?an improvement, which I did not hold for possible? and ?I did not know that such a quality increase is possible with my TV set? or ?my projector shows now details, which were not to be seen before? prove the quality of the test DVD. HEIMKINO editor-in-chief Olaf Adam can confirm this: "Throughout, our readers also agree that with the adjustments made by the DVD, they feel afterwards that they have bought a TV or projector twice as expensive."

The HEIMKINO reference test DVD supplies all test pictures and tones necessary for the adjustment of the components. Simply insert the test DVD and follow the instructions in the menu!

To optimize moving images, parameters such as brightness, contrast, color saturation and sharpness must always be adjusted. To do this, you need a DVD that has been produced fully digitally without loss and whose images provide normalized levels - and the reference test DVD does just that with ease.

The included blue filter glasses are unique.Put them on and get started.